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    F A Q

  • Will InSizer run on Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista?
  • InSizer was developed and tested on Windows XP and Vista. It is expected to work fine on everything from WIndows 95 and newer. Please let us know about your experiences with any of the older OS's.

  • How do I use InSizer from the command line?
  • The software installs with two executables.  insizer.exe is used for the Windows GUI.  insizer2.exe can be used at the command line.  For example --
           insizer2  -t  c:\my_photos

  • What options are available when using InSizer at the command line?
  • When you set a standard size in the InSizer GUI, you can set an option to be used for that size at the command line. When at the command line, you can see all available options by using the  -?  option --
           insizer2  -?

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